May 9, 2023

Ep 37: 7 Steps to Create Unbreakable Healthy Habits w/ Jason Gootman

Ep 37:  7 Steps to Create Unbreakable Healthy Habits  w/ Jason Gootman

In this episode of ResistingBeta: The Men’s Health Podcast, host Andrew Bontz interviews guest Jason Gootman, Jason Gootman is a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach as well as a certified...

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In this episode of ResistingBeta: The Men’s Health Podcast, host Andrew Bontz interviews guest Jason Gootman, Jason Gootman is a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach as well as a certified nutritionist and certified exercise physiologist. Jason helps people reverse and prevent type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other ailments with evidence-based approaches to nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, holistic wellness, and, most importantly, lasting behavior improvement and positive habit formation. As part of this work, Jason often helps people lose weight and keep it off, in part by helping them overcome the common challenges of yo-yo dieting and emotional eating. Jason helps people go from knowing what to do and having good intentions to consistently taking great care of themselves in ways that help them add years to their lives and life to their years.


  • Jason is passionate about serving men and helping them create lasting behavior improvement and positive habit formation, particularly in areas such as reversing and preventing chronic diseases, weight loss, and overall holistic wellness.
  • Jason is passionate about holistic wellness and helping individuals proactively meet their needs to live their best lives, emphasizing the importance of behavior improvement and habit formation for lasting lifestyle changes.
  • Struggling to adopt new habits is rooted in our tendency to stick to familiar patterns, conserving energy. Relying solely on willpower often falls short of creating lasting change.
  • Additionally, cultural paradigms such as "no pain, no gain" and the notion that enjoyable things are unhealthy create unsustainable approaches to wellness. Overcoming these hurdles requires finding ways to align enjoyment with beneficial actions in both exercise and nutrition.
  • Narrowing down choices is important because attempting to do too much at once can lead to failure. Popular programs that require multiple habits can be overwhelming and set people up for failure.
  • Working on fewer habits at a time and starting with small, achievable steps increases the chances of success and builds confidence while setting high standards can lead to feelings of failure and quitting.
  • Step one is to be clear and focused on your goal, applying SMART goal principles. Step two is to clarify your personal motivation and values, understanding why you want to pursue the desired change. Self-reflection and connecting with your integrity are important for this step.
  • Taking small steps towards your goal is like climbing a ladder with closely spaced rungs, leading to momentum, confidence, and the ability to tackle bigger challenges while attempting to take big steps too soon can leave you feeling discouraged and stuck.
  • Andrew suggests starting small and creating simple, daily habits to improve one's health instead of trying too much too soon and comparing oneself to others on social media.
  • Aligning your habits with your values, interests, and strengths leads to greater motivation and success, rather than trying to conform to what others are doing.
  • Exploring the question "When do you feel most alive?" helps individuals delve into their values, interests, and strengths, leading to a fulfilling life where actions align with desired outcomes and attract genuine attention and connections.
  • After aligning their interests with their values and exploring activities genuinely desired, men should focus on taking intentional steps forward, free from transactional motives, and embracing personal growth and self-discovery.
  • To facilitate the process of trying something new, it is important to reduce friction and make it as convenient as possible, minimizing unnecessary difficulties and conserving energy, while still embracing the inherent challenge and growth potential.
  • Embracing the paradox, it's important to find enjoyment in simple plans and solutions, focusing on the why behind them, rather than getting caught up in complex and fancy approaches driven by external validation.
  • Jason: Absolutely, yeah, that's a great point. Successful people understand the value of simplifying and streamlining their decisions and actions to conserve mental energy and focus on what truly matters. Now, moving on to number seven...
  • Jason advises embracing an experimental mindset, troubleshooting, and seeking support for personal growth, fostering continuous learning and improvement without pursuing perfection or succumbing to failure.
  • Embrace the practice mindset, learn from experiences, and focus on the journey of personal growth to cultivate resilience, self-awareness, and confidence while disregarding immediate results.
  • Adopting an experimental mindset and practicing self-compassion while utilizing the seven evidence-based keys can lead to a more constructive and harmonious relationship with oneself, fostering personal growth and resilience.
  • Jason's homework for men over the next seven days would be to reflect on their values and strive to align with them, embodying the qualities of dependability and sturdiness.
  • Jason suggests that men can take action by choosing something they want to improve in their lives, breaking it down into small steps, and implementing it. They can follow him on social media for daily wellness posts and access deeper content and opportunities to connect, including personal wellness coaching.
  • Men should listen to this episode to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for overcoming challenges, improving their well-being, and developing lasting habits. Jason's expertise and coaching support offer a transformative opportunity to break free from self-imposed limitations and create a more fulfilling life.
  • In this episode, Jason shares practical strategies to transform seemingly impossible self-improvements into eminently doable actions, making it a must-listen for men seeking to overcome challenges and enhance their well-being.


In this episode, Jason shares practical strategies for men to create lasting behavior improvement and positive habit formation in areas such as chronic disease prevention, weight loss, and holistic wellness. He emphasizes the importance of aligning actions with values and interests, taking small steps toward goals, and adopting an experimental mindset. He also suggests reducing friction and making actions convenient, while still embracing the inherent challenge and growth potential. Jason's coaching support and daily wellness posts on social media provide valuable resources for men seeking to improve their well-being and break free from self-imposed limitations.

7 days of homework:

Day 1: Reflect on values and interests, and identify an area for positive change.
Day 2: Set a smart goal aligned with your values and interests.
Day 3: Take small, achievable steps towards the goal.
Day 4: Embrace an experimental mindset, and try new approaches.
Day 5: Reduce friction, and make actions convenient.
Day 6: Embrace the practice mindset, and focus on learning and growth.
Day 7: Seek support, and connect with a coach or community.

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Quotes :

"Align habits with values, interests, and strengths for lasting success."
"Start small, build momentum, and tackle bigger challenges confidently."
"Reduce friction, make actions convenient, embrace challenge and growth."
"Embrace experimental mindset, learn from experiences, seek support for growth."